MOLCAS 5.0 on RedHat 6.2, runtime error

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Posted by Agris Klimkans on February 05, 2001 at 18:37:41:

We just installed the MOLCAS 5.0 on RedHat 6.2 cluster.
However, when I run seward, it prints out a message:

The ABDATA file does not exist in the correct format.
I will convert it for you if you are the molcas administrator !

History of remarks

Calling history

last entry: INPUT
INPUT called by SEWARD
root: SEWARD

*** (S)-level message AIXOPN001 ***
Premature abort while opening file

Unit number = 99

File name = No such file or directory

--- Stop Module: /usr/local/lib/molcas/bin/seward.exe at Mon Feb 5 18:25:08 CET 2001 /rc= 16 ---

How can we make this running?
Thanks in advance!

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